Step 1: Inspect the blade

Step 2: Dismantle the blade

Step 3: Sharpen the blade

Step 4: Clean all parts of the blade

Step 5: Inspect the blade

Step 6: Assemble the blade

Step 7: Oil the blade

Step 8: Check and adjust tension

Step 9: Test the blade

If the test is not ok then the blade is re-inspected.

The process we use

We charge £5 per blade plus postage at cost

Scissors are £7 for straight and £8.50 for curved

Send your blades via post and we will contact you when the blades have been sharpened for payment via Debit card

We will endeavour  to sharpen your blades and get them back in the post to you within 24 hours of arrival to us.

Blade and scissor sharpening...

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Send your scissors and blades to Groomtech , Unit 8 , Lowerway Farm , Thatcham , Berkshire ,RG19 3 TL

Post your blades and scissors to


Unit 8

Lowerway Farm



RG19 3TL

Please include your contact details in the parcel.

We Will contact you when they are ready

 for payment via debit card

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We use a similar process for scissor sharpening but we use different equipment and a variety of methods to obtain the sharpest edge attainable

The process we use

A guide on how to look after your scissors

A guide on how to look after your Clipper Blades

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