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Here are a few tips on how to look after your clipper blades

Remove and Examine

Place your thumb on the blade latch release and push in. Then remove the blade from the latch. Examine the blade socket and rail guide for wear and inspect the cutter and comb for proper alignment.


Remove excess dirt and hair with a bristle brush. Submerge only the clipper blade in a bowl of blade wash solution and run the clipper for five to eight seconds. Remove the blade from the clipper and lay on a towel to dry.

Oil and Disinfect

Once dry, hold the clipper blade side down and spray with a disinfecting spray. Place a few drops of clipper oil between the upper and lower blades while the motor is running. As it is running, the excess oil and hair will run off the clipper blade. Turn off the clipper and dab the blade with a paper towel or dry cloth.


Grabbing or pulling the coat, excess wear or poor alignment indicate that the blade is dull and needs sharpening. For clipper and blade reconditioning and sharpening.