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Service to the Grooming Industry

Blade Sharpening - Scissor Sharpening - Clipper Servicing - Blaster and Dryers Servicing

Tel : 07827 443261                           Email : graham@groomtech.co.uk

Ultra-silent airflow

Adjustment of the strength of the airflow with a variator switch

Adjustment of the temperature with a variator switch (from 0 to 1000 Watts)

Easy to use

50 Hertz (frequency)

220/240 Volts (voltage)

2500 Watts

Flow rate: 65l/sec

Without stand £90

With stand £140

Typhoon Combi Twin Dryer


Maestro II Blaster


Groomforce 1300 Stand Dryer £125 SOLD

Maestro II Blaster with stand

£125 SOLD

Groomforce 1200 Stand dryer

£125 SOLD

Allbrooks Take Off hose


All equipment is fully serviced and tested and is excellent condition .

All items are sold and maintained by Groomtech

Please contact Groomtech for further information

Second user/Refurbished Equipment

Tornado Finishing Stand Dryer but no stand £100 SOLD


£20 SOLD

K911/Megablaster Hose with nozzle


Wahl Mini Arco

£50 SOLD

Wahl Arco

 £65 SOLD

Andis Propet


Wahl KM10

£95 SOLD

Vivog 2500 Hose




Andis 2 Speed Brushless

£65 SOLD

Wahl Power Grip 2 Speed

£55 SOLD

Aesculap Exacta GT416 Trimmer

£65 SOLD

Maestro II Blaster

£45 SOLD



Wahl Power Grip 2 Speed

£55 SOLD



Vivog Power 2500

£80 SOLD

Wahl Super

£40 Plus Post


£10 Each

Combi Dryer 1800 (B24)

£65 Plus Post

RRP £279.95


£40 Plus Post SOLD

All prices are subject to postal charges please enquire for the postal charge

 Super powerful airflow£¨500W-3600W of power) dries hair from the base of the follicle to the top of the hair/fur for quick and thorough drying. Quiet operation for your shy dogs, quieter than a traditional hair dryer. Features safe, quick & effective drying, without dangerous damaging heat. 500W-3600W of energy saving drying power to safely dry your pets. Perfect for your cats and dogs.



As New never been used


Duel Motor Dryer

£150 Plus Post SOLD

XPower Elite Brushless Blaster 1800 (B8)

£200 Plus Post SOLD

XPower X-Treme Double Motor Blaster 2500 (B27)

£100 Plus Post